The different rate categories

– Full rate

– Discounted rate
Students, young people aged 13 to 20, AVS, AI, unemployed, Unireso pass holders, SSRS members, Swiss Performing Arts Professionals members

– Special rate
Children from 3 to 12 years old, 20ans20francs card holders

– Flat rate

– Festivalgoer rate
Accessible on our website after entering your Festival Pass code.

Some events have special conditions linked to our partners, so special rates may apply (e.g. for young people aged 13 to 20 and 20ans20francs card holders).

Discount holders must be in possession of a valid receipt and present it at the entrance to the venue.
The organiser will ask for the full price supplement if a valid discount voucher is not presented.
The Festival accepts the chéquier culture.

This measure is subsidised by the City of Geneva and the partner municipalities.

The youth and 20ans20francs rates are subsidised by the Republic and Canton of Geneva.


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Please read and accept the terms and conditions to validate your order.

To validate your order, please enter a valid email address on which your tickets and order confirmation will be sent.


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