Team & contact

Claude Ratzé


Olivier Stauss

Simone Toendury
Program board & head of production

Thomas Van Daele
Program board - music

Sonia Ferreira Mamie
Head of PR

Pascal Knoerr
Head of communication and press

Jean-Marc Serre
Technical director

Lili Auderset
Administration officer

Lea Di Guardo
Head of digital communications and cultural mediation

Adeline Perinel
Production manager & head of hospitality

Michèle Haenni
Assistant technical director

Alba Lage
Central venue booking & coordination

Arnaud Mathieu
Ticket office manager

Pierrick Imhof
Ticket office assistant

Violeta Djambazova
Volunteers co-manager

Lilas Forissier
Volunteers co-manager

Samuel Golly
Hospitality officer

Louison Ryser
Music assistant

Sound manager: Jean-Baptiste Bosshard
Security manager: Yves Petit
Drivers: Dune Bourquin, Yanis Bryois, Gabriel Tuscher
Catering: Julia Belair, Yordan Osweiller

Graphic design: TWKS – The Branding Agency
Website: Monoloco

Ergonomics & web design: EPIC

Writing: Hélène Mariéthoz, Dionys Bresson
Text coordinator: Jennifer Siegrist
Translation: AJS Craker
Corrections: Gaëlle Rousset
Photography: Kenza Wadimoff, Marie Brocher
Original creations videos: Eva Zornio
Festival videos: Julie Bellard, Iris Petit, Salomé Ziehli


La Bâtie-Festival de Genève
CP 1525
1211 Genève 1


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