La Bâtie’s cultural outreach programme "Rencontres" is designed as a window for reflection on the various themes addressed by the artists in their shows. It is an opportunity to delve deeper into the content of the shows and to take stock of the societal and political changes that show through the performing arts today.

Bearing witness to the upheavals of our times, the arts, and the performing arts in particular, have always been at the forefront of new developments. In recent years, several major political and societal revolutions have taken place, but above all, a number of areas for reflection have emerged, particularly around the issues of sexist and sexual violence and decolonisation. So where do we stand? How can we continue to have politicised discourse in the performing arts? How can we continue to fight in a world that is in such a bad state? What solutions can we find?

Several artists from La Bâtie’s 2024 programme will attempt to answer these questions during various discussions.



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